About Us

About Us

More than 300 years after the introduction of coffee in Europe, Kaffeehaus (Coffee Shop) has become a unique institution. The Swiss have developed a whole culture around coffee drinking and elevated it to an all-encompassing attitude of life.

At Kaffeehaus, the Café is designed in such a way to make you immediately feel at home. The setting is quite intimate, and you may choose to sit on our outdoor terrace if you like. With this terrace, we are trying to capture a bit of the feeling of a European summer evening, when everyone heads outdoors to sit in a café, chat with friends and family, locals and tourists alike. It is definitely a happening place.

When you enter Kaffeehaus, you take your seat in a place far from daily mundane life. Once you have ordered one of our speciality dishes or our coffees, it will take you right to Europe. You will feel like you are tucked away in the mountains around Interlaken, or overlooking Lake Geneva or sitting in the chilly sunshine on a balcony in St. Moritz overlooking the Swiss Alps, and taking that bite from your heavenly sandwich while sipping your aromatic coffee.

The weather in Switzerland can be very cold. However, the beauty of the landscape gives a wonderful feeling wherein we tend to disregard the cold weather. We have tried to recreate it by putting beautiful pictures of Switzerland everywhere. You are most welcome to examine all of them, and imagine walking along the most beautifully glacier, shimmering blue mountain lake and marvelling over the sweetest Swiss chalet houses.

Here at Kaffeehaus you can sit back, relax and do whatever you like: read, surf the internet with our free wi-fi, discuss world affairs, talk business or see and be seen.
Or perhaps, you would like to write your next novel here or compose some piece of music? You’re most welcome.

At Kaffeehaus, we offer you a laid back, weekend atmosphere all week long. It is YOUR extended living room. It is ideal for people who need company to be alone.